Every Day I’m Shufflin’ ;)

Heyyy all you Party Animalllss!

Last night i went out to this insane party and was reminded what FUN was all about. And i thought, just in case you guys have been too busy with other duties and forgotten what your one and only duty to yourself is : PARTYING SO HARD THAT YOU BLOW YOUR, AND EVERYONE ONE AROUND YOU’S MINDSSS!!!!

Booze on the house, Hot guys, sexy women, insane DJ, a trampoline ( :/ ?), and neon light- bands and strips. If there’s one thing that was missing, it was me 😛 (till i got there..!)

All my friends were piss drunk already, smoking up to the extent that the location reeked of weed, but that didn’t stop anyone. In fact, it kind of caught the attention of a few uninvited queers who gate-crashed at the party and created a scene. Since everyone was high or drunk anyway, it didn’t really even matter xD

Anyway all you Delicious looking Boys and Insanely SEXY Girls, put on your best shirt and shortest dresses and highest heels, slob make up all over yourselves, and go out there and impress everyone whose eyes even fall on you. Feel like the queen of the world tonight 😉

(P.s- try not finding yourselves on a hospital bed attached to a monitor the next morning 😛

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