At the Point where the Land meets the Sky. ©

Is it a bird?


The Campsite


A Steep Fall


But even the steepest slopes aren't impossible to climb..


Have you ever stood higher than the clouds?


the point the lands meet the skies..


Down on the pebble-y ground.


And the water shines in the colors gifted by the sky..


Athenaphrodite. ©
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Twisting and Turning, Forming Beauty Beyond Words.. ©

The Gradient Sky.




The Sky Peeks.


..And the Sillhouettes Form.


Rainbowwww 🙂


Leaves Painted Shades of Red.




Athenaphrodite. ©
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Sunset at the NorthPole Captured. ©

A scene you will probably never get to see, so take a moment and
enjoy God at work at the North Pole.

This  is the sunset at the North Pole with the moon at its closest

And,  you also see the sun below the moon.
An  amazing photo and not one easily duplicated. You may want to pass
it on to  others.

The Chinese have a saying that goes something like  this:
“When someone shares with you something of value,  you have an
obligation to share it with others!”

Sunset At The North Pole

Have you ever..

Have you ever felt like standing in the rain alone
with your favorite slow song playing in the background
holding his hand so tight that it’s the only sensation of warmth you can feel while your body is numbed by the ice cold raindrops
And just being open and receptive to all the emotions that are rushing through your blood like adrenaline..

Have you ever felt like just freezing the moment
stopping time for just enough moments for you to reach out and grab him
hug him so openly in front of everyone to let them know he’s yours
But the only difference being no one would know what just happened because they were frozen in time..

Have you ever felt like just getting onto that stage
grabbing the mike from the hands of whoever is up there
and just singing your heart out without caring about how you sound
Or who is watching you while you make every moment worthwhile..

Have you ever felt so lost
like just getting onto a train and letting it take you till as far as it can go
where the people are nicer and more loving
More importantly somewhere.. where nobody knows who you are..

Have you ever felt so angry about something
with someone or because of someone
that you literally feel like you are doing them a favor by inhibiting your rage from taking control of you
But only till the next time..

Have you ever just wanted to let go
and fall into the arms or hands of whatever or whoever is left to hold you
hoping that there is someone there
But not really worrying about it at all..

Have you ever cried so damn hard
that you can feel the tears coming out of your broken love
You know you need to stop because you can’t breathe properly anymore
But you can’t.. You just can’t stop..

Have you ever felt so in touch with your surroundings
that you smile at every change around you
and believe that no matter what happens
You do have a destiny to fulfill, even though you don’t really even know what it is..

Have you ever felt like just breaking away
from all your burdens and responsibilities because you have had more than enough
you don’t even care about who your decisions will affect from now on
You just have to feel free, alive, independent..

Have you ever felt so happy
that you feel as though your joy has filled you with enough energy to circle the globe a million times
that you are so light that you can fly
And you make everyone around you as happy as you are

Have you ever felt so protective
like you’re guarding something that has more value and importance than the most valuable thing on earth
and that anyone who tries to even approach it is a threat to its existence
So you behave like a shield, hiding it, protecting it..

Have you ever felt like this moment is yours
you want to cease it but you don’t know how to
yet you enjoy it more than ever
Because you feel as though, at least for right now, you own the world..

Have you ever felt so special
made to feel like you’re the only one that really matters anymore
like even your flaws are perfect and your decisions are final and pending
Like no matter what, you’re always going to be the one..

Have you ever felt love
it takes over your soul and makes you feel like you belong
it hits you harder every time you think about it, every day seems newer, every moment more cherish-able
and before you  know it you find yourself bound to someone in a way you never thought imaginable..
Ever willing to hold on..
Never wanting to let go..

Disguised Love

Love is like gravity. A strange, freeing, compromising, emotion-filled pull that keeps us grounded, but at the same time  enables us to fly high and dream openly about our most cherished fantasies. It’s like a treasure chest filled with all our favorite moments that just mesmerizes us and evades the limitations of willingness and drowns us in an ocean of moments that capture our heart and souls every second of the day. When it hits you, it lifts you up and lightens your burdens , you feel like your dancing with butterflies in a sky lit with the northern lights. You fell like flying alongside shooting stars and you feel strong enough to be able to tame even the harshest streak of lightening. Every second seems longer, but yet somehow time begins to fly past you. Even an incident that occurred a year ago seems like it caught hold of you only yesterday.
Willingness, compromise, pain hope, happiness, disappointment and thousands of the emotions fill you up to the brim and somewhere lost among these emotions, you try and find your way to the surface.

But every time you get even near the top, near even a quarter of an understanding to what you’re going through, these emotions magnify and you find yourself buried under them all over again. You find a moment filled with happiness can lift you up past the tallest mountain and in almost a split-second, when you experience pain, that very same mountain feels like its been put on dropped of your chest, not allowing you to breathe. Love calms you down and that same love hypes you up to the extent that you feel like you can outrun even light if the person you love is standing at the finish-line as your reward for winning. You feel ready to take any bullet, hit or measure of pain for that person just as long as they remain happy, safe and protected.

You are at your most vulnerable… and that’s when love comes and stabs you so sharply in your heart that you are stunned and can no longer breathe or think.

CapturedintheMoment. ©

Ever so often, you come across the most mesmerizing sights, and what an injustice it would be to let them pass you by without you being able to capture them and share them with others who weren’t fortunate enough to visible witness them themselves?

The City Of Bangkok 🙂

The National Bird Of India – A Majestic Peacock

Rainbowww! this was the result of a jet-boat in a stream and the sun, forming some strange angles 😛

A VERY, VERY steep fall. i rock-climbed down this one..

The Seashore of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

A drive past one of Jim Corbett’s reserve parks 🙂

Water droplets captured as they crashed against the rocks :O

Natures own color blocking – PurpleGreen.

Athenaphrodite. ©
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Captivating are the colors the Color the sky <3 ©

Have you ever just Gazed up into the sky, looked at the clouds, observed the sun, felt its rays, and wondered what divine power, which deity, what phenomenon can be responsible for creating colors and sights as beautiful as these?

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Athenaphrodite. ©
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