To the bestest friend in the world

I have this one best friend

Who knew everything i felt

He knew my every weakness

And the problems i’ve been dealt.

he understood my wonders

and listened to my dreams

he listened to how i felt about life and love

and knows what it all means

not once did he ditch me

he always corrected me when i was wrong

he understood what i was going through

and promised me he’d stay along

i’m never gonna let him go

because thats how much i care

i just thought i’d let him know

how much my life would suck without him there

i really wanna thankyou

for being there through thick and thin

You never left my side

even when i didn’t want to let you in

you heard me howl and comforted me

you held my hand when everything else was falling apart

i can trust you with everything in my life

you’ll always have a special place in my heart

i never thought id come across

a person as awesome as you

all the silly things we talk about

all the shit we’ve been through

sorry for all the things i’ve done

which u probably thought were wrong

but thankyou so much for always helping me out

and keeping me so strong

i just want to let you know

i will stick it out with you till the end

nothing on earth can tear us apart

You’ll always be my best friend

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