7/11, 26/11, and now 13/7..

The moment we speak of terror attacks we remember the most recent heart wrenching attack that took place in Bombay during those fatal hours on the 26th of November, 2008. Many dear ones were lost. One such person was a close friend.

She had been there for me through thick and thin, and i can never in words thank her for how much she had done for me. As friends, we don’t often remind each other

that there is nobody else in the world who can replace what we mean to each other. Neither do we appreciate every little thing that is done for us. We take it for granted that we will repay their kindness with enough love from us to them.

It’s only when you lose someone, that you regret not saying that all those things you didn’t say, because you expected them to already know it in their hearts.It’s true, when they say, that you only realize what you’ve lost after it’s gone as is the fact that it only really hits you when you need them the most, and you then feel the loss of them not being there anymore.

Never hold back from thanking someone for the things they do for you, or even for just always being there, because it’s always better to say things when you know someone can hear you, as the feeling of uncertainty caused by whether a thought or prayer even reaches someone you lost is a deeply depressing one and we never can really know what the future has in store for us .

The lives lost in these attacks can in no way be compensated for, and no amount of money, prayers, promises or apologies can justify or make up for what happened. Terrorism is an evil that we all are facing very often these days and no matter what we do to try and avoid it, we can never be sure that the person who loses their life next time due to such an incident won’t be us.

All my love support and prayers go out to all the people who have ever lost someone in any act of terrorism. The feeling is horrible.. but it Will get better ❤

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