Athenaphrodite UpCloseAndPersonal ;)

Hellooo 🙂
Well basically, I’m just a teenage girl, dealing with the complicated problems that we teens do, and so i just like writing about whatever comes into my mind on a daily basis,things i go through, emotions i deal with, and various situations that pop up in the course of it all.

Sometimes, we feel as though nobody knows what we are going through, but it’s always nice to know that there’s someone there who has been through what you’re going through and can help. 🙂

So please stay tuned, subscribe, and email me (and don’t be afraid to be informal) if you want to about any topic, thought, or situation you would want me to elaborate on or blog about and i assure you i will do my best to respond to you (anonymously if you choose) as soon as possible!

Thankyou for reading, please do leave comments if you enjoy reading my posts or have an opinion on one of them:) your thoughts are very valuable to me ! ❤

Lots of lovveee!



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