Nothing’s to blame

You can’t always blame someone for the things that happen.
Sometimes, the greatest catastrophes are a result of the misfortunate union of a bad time with the wrong place.
But you can’t blame someone for the luck they are distributed, good or bad. Nobody would intentionally want anything bad to happen to them so it’s silly to think that they’d be at fault for it.

We never leave out house expecting of being stabbed while walking alone on the street in broad daylight or kidnapped while standing outside a coffees shop, if we lived trying to prophesize all our misfortunes we’d all be paranoid schizophrenics.
Which is why, we all start our day with a layout of the positive version of how we would like to spend it.

This doesn’t make us stupid, ignorant, naive or worthy of being blamed for an unforeseen attack, it just makes us human.

You can’t expect to live safely without being extra careful; the worlds too rotten a place.
You can’t expect to live blissfully while being extra careful; the world is too rotten a place.


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