Hey You!

Hey you, come out and shout
It’s time to cry your dry eyes out

Let go of the fear of giving in
if you don’t give it all you’ll never win

run faster that the darkness that’s following you
beat it down, you know how to

Don’t be afraid of what they’ll say
they are nobody to judge your day

Nobody can see what keeps you going
nobody can measure the pain you’re not showing

Don’t look for sympathy, just help yourself
throw all the unwanted books from your shelf
shed all the skin that’s holding you back
it’s not your fault, cut yourself some slack

Accept that not everyone else will
but the ones that love till stop at no hill

The road ahead runs longer that you can see
but learn to leave some things up to destiny

Give up the craving for control and go with the flow
the suffering you’ve been through, only you can know

So fill your world with colors so bright
find strength that will keep you from the darkness of the night

You’re perfect in your skin that’s been gifted to you from above.
‘Cuz you are who you are, and that’s who they’ll love.


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