From Me, To You ♡

Look into my eyes, because I never want to let you out of my sight
Cuddle into my arms, because I feel safest when you hug me so tight

Listen to what I say, because no words can explain how I feel about you
Understand my love so I can believe you love me too
Be near when I’m afraid, because baby you’re my sturdy rock
Catch me when I fall so I’m confident to run instead of walk

Tell me that you need me so I know I can fix your mood
Scream at me when you’re angry so I know I can handle you when your rude

Show me your worst, because if I can’t love it I don’t deserve your best
Promise me you’ll never leave me, so I can feel more special than the restBe yourself, because it’s the best you can ever be
And I’m here forever, yours for eternity. :*

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